EASA Region 10
EASA Region 10
Electro Mechanical Services

Arcoflex is a modern farm and industrial automation and monitoring solution. Using state of the art IoT technology, Arcoflex monitors your electrical and mechanical assets in real time and provides the support agent with remote access, emailed and SMS alerts and a range of support tools that let you know of problems before your client does. Use Arcoflex from preventative maintenance. Save your client costs!

Arcoflex Automation and Monitoring

Level 2, 21 Chandler Road

Boronia Vic 3155

Ph: 03 9762 3155   0418 559 343


Solar Integration

One of Arcoflex's competitive advantages is to give site managers remote access to solar arrays, including batteries, so that you can asses available solar output and identify assets where energy can be delivered effectively. You can control assets, pumps and motors automatically. Use Arcoflex to reduce your client's energy footprint. This is one of our installed farms in Sth Australia.

Motor Monitoring

Arcoflex monitoring can bring a new layer of maintenance transparency to any factory. Whether it is levels of industrial chemicals, silo storage or just motors, pumps and presses, or PLC integration, Arcoflex will tell you in advance about issues of out-of-tolerance operation.  You can schedule maintenance rather than waiting for production-time breakdowns forcing repairs.  Proactive monitoring will help maintenance agencies achieve their SLA and reduce production loss time for the client. Arcoflex monitors vibration, temperature and micro-spacing distance tolerances with ease. Receive advanced notification for controlled item replenishment. 

Cold Storage Solutions

Arcoflex monitors temperature, compressor operation, CO2, ethylene, humidity and air flow in seed potato, onion and vegetable storage. Controlling lights, doors, security, ventilation, energy consumption, controlled atmosphere, air quality (micro-spore filtration) and much, much more. Use Arcoflex to guarantee storage quality. Help your client reduce energy consumption and look towards carbon-neutral.

Intelligent Dashboards

Manage your clients with a popwerful and easy-to-use dashboard, or let them manage themselves. Every sensor added to their suite turns up automatically for the end user. Set alerts, emails, phone calls or preventative actions in real time from this dashboard. Turn on solenoids, pumps, switches, batteries and almost anything.