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EASA Region 10
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We are an agile dynamic company, with an ethos centred around problem solving. Thermalign has over 100 years of combined expertise in the industrial sector with a proven track record. Utilising cutting edge technology and delivering on our commitments, we become the path of least resistance for all your reliability requirements.

EST - 2014

Celebrating 10 years


About Us

ThermAlign is a service and consultation company dealing primarily with the industrial sector of Australia. Utilising new technology backed by decades of experience, ThermAlign can help diagnose issues with even your most problematic equipment. ThermAlign provides many services including; Vibration Analysis, Thermal Imaging, Ultrasound Surveys, Laser Alignments, Dynamic In Situ Balancing,  Plant Reliability Studies & Lubrication Reviews.

Training and Mentoring is a core pillar of our business. With ISO accreddited training and third party certification in Vibration Analysis, ISO Cat I, II & III, and Infrared Thermography, ISO Cat I, plus; Introduction to Condition Based Maintenance, Precision Laser Alignmnet  and Bearing Basics, as un-acreddited courses, combined with an  offering of ongoing mentoring, Thermalign is you go to place for reliability training. 

With clients across Australia and experience throughout the world, Thermalign can overcome your reliability issues.

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Our Services     

Vibration Analysis
Maximise your machinery's lifespan with our Vibration Analysis. By capturing and analysing vibration data, we pinpoint irregularities and potential problems in your equipment. 
Thermalign will analyse the data and submit an easy to read, action report. No excessive jargon or over-complication. Effective reporting is all about getting the information to the client, we will work with you to develop a report that you, the client, finds easy to interpret and action, not just filed away. With expertise in a variety of online and offline systems, we can assist you in optimising your programme or instigating a new one.

Motion Amplification
Utilising cutting-edge technology, we magnify microscopic movements in machinery to detect and diagnose complex vibration issues that are invisible to the naked eye.RDI Iris M technology is relatively new to the Con Mon field and is ideally suited to orbit plots, ODS, structural and run speed issues. With the technology and trained experienced operator, video reports are submitted giving the client an instant understanding to what is occurring with their assets.

Precision Maintenance
Utilising precision techniques, we can take your maintenance practices to the next level, including Precision Laser Shaft Alignment and In Situ Dynamic Balancing.

A transformative approach to asset management. Our service synthesizes various diagnostic techniques to provide a comprehensive overview of your equipment's condition.
Thermalign has designed the MEDUSA system. An online, portable, machine monitoring, SCADA system with the ability to monitor both locally and remotely. With an array of sensors aimed at getting the complete machine picture, MEDUSA will undoubtably be a valuable asset commissioning and troubleshooting tool.

Ultrasonic Survey
Utilising airborne ultrasound detection, we can detect pressure and vacuum leaks along with steam trap operation acceptance testing.Utilising airborne ultrasound detection, we can detect pressure and vacuum leaks along with steam trap operation acceptance testing. Switching to contact ultrasound, cavitation, bearing & lubrication issues become apparent at the very early stage allowing for intervention prior to lasting damage being inflicted.

Mechanical Services
Our fully trained and experienced technicians will fit you components and assets with care and precision.
Be assured that the fully documented installation of bearings, couplings gearboxes, motors and machines, will have the best chance to reach and supersede there design life. 

Thermalign has a wealth of experience in delivering training and mentoring by utilising effective communication techniques across all levels:
  • Introduction to Condition Based Maintenance, 
  • Precision Shaft Laser Alignment,
  • Bearing Basic,
  • Infrared Thermography ISO Cat I,
  • Vibration Analysis ISO Cat I, II & III