EASA Region 10
EASA Region 10
Electro Mechanical Services

Balance & Vibration Engineering

Balance and Vibration Engineering (BVE Pty Ltd) is an Australian, family owned company which provides Dynamic Balancing and Vibration technology, equipment and support to Australian manufacturing and service industries. 

Products we supply...

    •   Schenck Dynamic Balancing machines of all sizes and capacities
    •   Schenck “SmartBalancer” Portable on-site balancing instruments
    •   Schenck “Smart VibroAnalyser” Portable vibration analysers and data collectors
    •   CTC vibration analysis Hardware including:
      • Acceleration sensors and transmitters
      • Proximity probes
      • Cables & Junction boxes
    • Monitran Acceleration sensors and transmitters
    • Bruel & Kjaer Vibro:
      • Machine protection instrumentation
      • Condition monitoring instrumentation
      • Vibration sensors 

    Balancing Machine Service

      • Installation, Commissioning, Repairs, & Spare parts for Schenck Balancing Machines.
      • Modernisation and upgrade of Dynamic Balancing Machines.
      • Advice and support on all balancing issues
      • Balancing technology training, and instruction on operation of specific balancing machines
      • Rental or leasing of either used or new balancing machines
      • Calibration of Dynamic Balancing Machines to international standards, for which we have the full range of certified test rotors

    Vibration Measurement and Analysis Services

      • Commissioning, Spare parts, Calibration, for  vibration measuring and analysis equipment.
      • Advice and support on vibration applications in general.
      • Training, and instruction on operation of specific vibration measuring, analysis equipment.
      • Rental of Vibration analysers and portable or onsite balancers