EASA Region 10
EASA Region 10
Electro Mechanical Services

Furnace Engineering Pty Ltd

  • Furnace Engineering is Australia’s leading manufacturer of furnaces and industrial ovens.
  • Leaders in Heat Processing Solutions

About Us...

Furnace Engineering specialise in design, manufacture and implementation of made-to-order equipment for customer’s specific heating requirements.


For the Motor Rewind industry our offering includes Burn-Off Furnaces and Baking/Curing Ovens.


We are over 55 years old, and are 100% Australian owned and operated.


Designed to safely and economically strip electric motor stators, meets all Australian Standards 


No damage to laminations effecting motor efficiency


Stator temperature is controlled and recorded for quality control purposes 
Some of our Jobs
Some of our Jobs

Material handling available to load/unload heavy loads from the furnace


 Various arrangements available to safe floor space

·  Side load

·  Front load

·  Top load


Varnish curing ovens

Large range of sizes available to suit your specific requirements
Efficient Furnaces
Custom Designs
Varnish Curing Oven & Loading Trolley