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EASA Region 10
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We provide the flexibility and customised service that local customers deserve, backed by the expertise and support of our global network

About Us...

"ifm has a vast product range of innovative, robust and high-quality products for many different industrial applications. German-engineered and manufactured sensor and control solutions for manufacturing, mining industries, food & Beverage, and water industries just to name a few. All our processes are focused on customer service and product quality. With ifm’s five-year warranty on products, this equates to robust intelligent long-lasting cost-effective solutions.

ifm, Protect what’s important."


Contribute to our customers' success by providing innovative solutions through continuous development of our people, products and processes 


Close to you – to be our customers' first choice for innovative automation technology and digitalisation.


    Integrity – We mean what we say and act accordingly.

    Quality – We strive for excellence and continuous improvement

    Teamwork – we help each other and the company to reach full potential 

    Innovation – we apply practical innovation to simplify processes and technology

Our Services

We are invested in the success of our customers, and our goal is to provide solutions that meet their specific needs – from sensors and automation controls, through to innovative, holistic Industry 4.0 solutions. We make technology for every type of business and customise it to suit that business’s requirements. By doing so, we help our customers protect what’s important to them.

We offer a variety of sensors and actuators for industrial applications. These include proximity sensors, vision sensors, pressure sensors, flow sensors, vibration and more. We have designed them to monitor and control various aspects of industrial processes.

ifm offers condition mointoring systems that enable predicitve maintenance. By helping customers monitor the health and performance of their machinery and equipment, helps ensure businesses can reduce downtime and enhance overall operational efficiency. 

From making quality sensors and automation control technology, to progressing into a full digital solutions provider, we service a wide range of industries and applications. Our solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients, including our moneo platform, which makes the digitalisation process an easier and effective one. The moneo lloT-Toolkit includes the hardware, software and smarts that businesses need to integrate Industry 4.0 concepts into their operations.

Contact the ifm Australia team to discuss your goals with one of our engineers.