EASA Region 10
EASA Region 10
Electro Mechanical Services
  • 7 McKay Ave, Leeton NSW 2705
  • 02 6953 3541
  • We are a locally owned family business that was started in 1978 by Barry Dunstone after spending 18 years at the local Electrical Supply Authority.

Our Knowledge

As Electric motors use roughly 50% of the worlds energy consumption we understand the importance of Overall System Efficiency, Correct Design & Reliability in your Equipment.


Since joining EASA in 1987, The Technical Support & Training we have received, combined with our interaction with our Affiliate Suppliers knowledge of test equipment & replacement components has made us a trusted local specialist on rotating Electric Machines

Rewind and Design

Every Three Phase motor that we rewind has it’s design checked which allows us the opportunity to improve the motor, contrary to misconceptions that a rewinding reduces efficiency.

Our Services

  • We offer Electric motor sales of Single & Three phase from Fractional H.P. to 400kW.
  • Overhaul, Rewind & Redesign up to approximately 400kW.
  • Overhaul & Sales of most types of pumps including Submersible.
  • Gearbox sales & application considerations.
  • Overhaul of some gearboxes.
  • Sales of Three Phase Alternators.
  • Sales & Programming of WEG Variable Speed Drives & Soft Starters.
  • With decades of experience seeing the inside of Electric motors & Driven Equipment we can offer Reputable advice to find the best solution.